Hazardous + Flammable

Inline Filling Systems has built many systems over the years for producers of inorganic and organic solvents, flammable petroleum products, solvent-based paints, explosive compounds for munitions and high proof ethanol and liquors for distilleries. We build both simple pneumatically operated hazardous location machines for semiautomatic operation and also more sophisticated high speed, electrically operated machines with all of the versatility of our standard filling systems.
The choice of how a hazardous location filling machine is designed and applied and what product it is being used for depends greatly upon the interpretation of the various insurance, national and local regulatory agencies and inspectors as well as applicable standards in the National Electrical Code. Inline Filling Systems always takes the most conservative approach as to avoid any conflicts with any regulatory entities.

What machines do you need?

What does it cost?

Our complete filling lines are custom designed to meet the specific features of your application and production needs. Contact our sales team today to get an accurate estimate for your project.

Plan Ahead

Maintenance, including changing out parts, is an inevitable part of ownership. We make it easy to keep your filling lines up and running by pre-ordering common parts needed for your machines and applications.

Don’t let your production team down. Contact us today to get your spare parts ordered.

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