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Nutraceutical + Pharmaceutical Industry

Leading Expert in Nutraceutical + Pharmaceutical

Maintain accuracy and reliability in your pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production. Discover our pharma filling machines for capsules, tablets, and liquids. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your specific needs and ensure consistent product quality.

Find the right Machine

Ready to get started? Our team of experts can help design a complete liquid packing line for your Nutraceutical + Pharmaceutical needs.


  • Filling capsules (hard and soft gelatin capsules)
  • Filling tablets (compressed powders)
  • Filling liquids (syrups, suspensions, elixirs)
  • Filling vials and ampoules for injectable medications
  • Filling blister packs and unit-dose packaging
  • Filling dietary supplements and nutraceutical products

Key features

  • Industry-Leading Solutions: Filling technologies specifically designed for accurate and reliable handling of capsules, tablets, and liquids in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.
  • Versatile Filling: Handles various capsule sizes, tablet shapes, and liquid viscosities for diverse pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.
  • High-Precision Filling: Ensures accurate dosing and consistent product quality to meet strict pharmaceutical and nutraceutical regulations.
  • Automatic Operation: Minimizes human error and streamlines production for efficient and reliable filling.
  • Validation and Compliance Support: Services to assist with validation processes and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Flexibility: Adaptable to various container types and sizes for both primary and secondary packaging needs.
  • Scalability: Modular design allows for future expansion as your production volume increases.
  • Expert Customer Service: Team of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical filling specialists to provide technical s


  • What types of products can be filled with these machines?

    Nutraceutical & pharmaceutical filling machines handle a diverse range of products requiring high levels of accuracy, sterility, and control. Examples include:

    • Nutraceuticals: Powders, capsules, tablets, liquids (vitamins, supplements, protein powders)
    • Pharmaceuticals: Tablets, capsules, liquids (prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications)


    The specific machine will depend on the product form (powder, capsule, liquid), desired filling speed and accuracy, and sterility requirements.

  • What are the key considerations for choosing a nutraceutical & pharmaceutical filling machine?

    Several factors influence machine selection for these critical applications:

    • Product compatibility: The machine needs to be compatible with the product’s properties (dosage, moisture sensitivity, etc.).
    • Filling accuracy: High precision is crucial for consistent and exact dosing, especially for pharmaceuticals.
    • Sterility: Certain applications require aseptic filling environments to maintain product sterility.
    • Compliance regulations: The machine should meet relevant regulations for nutraceutical or pharmaceutical production.
    • Cleaning and maintenance: Easy cleaning and sanitization are essential to prevent contamination.
  • How do these machines ensure accurate and consistent filling?

    Precision filling is paramount in this industry:

    • Advanced dosing systems: Volumetric, gravimetric, or auger fillers ensure accurate dosing for various product forms.
    • Calibration and adjustment tools: Allow for precise setting of fill volumes or weights.
    • Feedback control systems: Monitor and adjust filling parameters in real-time for consistent results.
    • Leak detection systems: Identify and address potential issues that could affect fill accuracy.
  • What are the sterilization methods used in these machines?

    Sterility is crucial for certain pharmaceutical products:

    • Aseptic filling: Filling in a sterile environment with minimal operator intervention.
    • Terminal sterilization: Sterilizing pre-filled containers after the filling process (often used for heat-resistant products).
    • Machine sterilization: Sanitizing the filling machine components through various methods (e.g., steam sterilization).
  • How easy are these machines to clean and maintain?

    Cleaning and maintenance are vital to prevent contamination and ensure consistent performance:

    • Sanitary design: Easy-to-clean surfaces, quick disassembly, and minimal crevices for bacteria harborage.
    • CIP (Cleaning-in-Place) systems: Automated cleaning routines for efficient sanitization.
    • Validation procedures: Regular testing to ensure the machine maintains sterility and functionality.

About Us: Inline Filling Systems

From humble beginnings, we’ve grown with our customers throughout the decades a nd never compromised on quality. No matter if you’re ju st getting started or ready to upgrade your production line, we h ave the industry expertise to get your product moving 1. With over 700 packaging machinery products, el ngineering experience spanning over 25 years, and $100MM of installat ons in over 50 countries, Inline Filling Systems is your worry-free choice for turnkey liquid packaging installations. Our machinery is designed, fabr icated, and supported by us in our Florida, USA facility y. We install our complete liquid filling lines all over the world and provide continual support and service as your lifelong production partner.

Inline Filling Systems was acquired by The Middleby Corporation in late 2020. The acquisi ion will allow Middleby to expand it’s reach to the spe ecialty liquid filling systems and highly-engineered food and beverage packaging equipment.

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