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Automatic Single Head Chuck Capper Inline Filling Systems

Machine Features

  • Tubular 304 stainless steel welded frame
  • Aluminum and 304 S/S construction
  • Clean, non-painted, non-marring parts
  • Easy changeover modular change parts
  • Non-scuff chucks for gentle, positive grip
  • No tools quick changeover collets
  • Torque adjustment without tools
  • Clear acrylic guard with 304ss lower frame
  • Safety interlocks on all guard doors
  • Adjustment discharge height 38″ +/-2
  • Backlog photo optic with automatic stop/restart
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  • Utilities: Electric – 120 VAC /1/ 20 Amps, Air – 8 cfm @ 80 psi, clean dry compressed air
Download the Automatic Single Head Chuck Capper brochure

What does this machine do?

This automatic chuck capper is designed to vertically place a threaded cap onto a rigid container and torque the cap to a specified application torque. This machine is used for caps that can be stripped off a cap chute by the mouth of the container. This starwheel version of the chuck capper is also used where containers are small or irregularly shaped or have wide mouths with flexible side walls.

Generally, containers that run on this type of chuck capper are too unstable to be positively controlled by other capping methods or the mouth of the container has a tendency to become oval when the body is gripped. Like other Inline chuck cappers, this version also solves the particulation problem of polymer tightening surfaces with other capping methods.

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