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Automatic Single Head Vertical Placer Inline Filling Systems

Machine Features

  • Tubular 304 stainless steel welded frame
  • Aluminum and 304 S/S construction
  • Clean, non-painted, non-marring parts
  • Easy changeover modular change parts
  • Backlog photo optic with automatic stop/restart
  • NEMA 4 control box
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  • Utilities: Electric – 220 VAC /1/ 20 Amps, Air – 6 cfm @ 80 psi, clean dry compressed air
  • Space Requirements: Dimensions – 30″ W base footprint (51″ W with centrifugal cap chute) x 51″ D x 77″ H
  • Width dimensions will change depending on cap sorting system
Download the Automatic Single Head Vertical Placer brochure

What does this machine do?

The automatic vertical cap placer is designed to only vertically place a large threaded cap onto a rigid container and start the cap to a fully seated position on the container. It is not designed to deliver any particular torque specification.

This type of machine is often necessary on larger cap sizes above 80mm that do not seat properly on typical “inline” or “spindle” capping machines. Because the caps are typically large, the container bodies are also large and lend themselves to “inline” type container handling on this machine. This type of system, coupled with an inline cap tightener, has an economic advantage over large platform conventional chuck style capping machines.

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