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FOFNT48 Automatic High Performance Inline Filling Systems

Machine Features

  • Touchscreen control panel with PLC stores up to 50 filling cycle setup parameters for recall
  • Automatic drip tray included as standard to protect bottles from nozzle product dripping
  • Automatic conveyor mounted bottle indexing gates to control container movement
  • No tools required nozzle mounts
  • No tools required multi axis bottle indexing gates for positive container control
  • Electric bottle height adjustment
  • Batch bottle counter records number of filling cycles completed
  • No bottle/No Fill (suspend operation)
  • Downstream Backup/No Fill (suspend operation)
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  • Exclusive Feautre: Available to upgrade to a combo unit
  • Exclusive Feature: Four Head Overflow Filler and Benchtop Capper Combo
  • Exclusive Feature: Filler and capper installed on common slide tray for maximum efficiency
  • Utilities: P1 air diaphragm pump: 17cfm @ 80psi
  • Utilities: P2 air diaphragm pump: 30cfm @ 80psi
  • Utilities: (for viscous materials use P2 pump)
Download the FOFNT48 Automatic High Performance brochure

What does this machine do?

This top-of-the-line medium frame base machine is used for medium to larger size bottles with higher output required on large fill sizes. It also allows for ability to expand capacity in the future for small bottle operations. The bottle management and filling sequence is electronically controlled entirely by the filling machine.

  • Sophisticated bottle management and error controls allow sustained high speed operation
  • Constructed of stainless steel and SS shrouded aluminum components for washdown capability
  • Filler frame is fully enclosed with stainless steel panels and gasketed access door
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