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FOFSEMI BT Semiauto Inline Filling Systems

Machine Features

  • Dual hand valve controls (lower/raise filling heads and pump on/off) for simple operation
  • Constructed of stainless steel and SS shrouded aluminum components where required for complete washdown capability
  • Automatic drip tray to protect bottles from nozzle product dripping
  • No-tools-required nozzle mounts and bottle indexing gates
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  • Exclusive Feature: Available to upgrade to a combo unit
  • Exclusive Feature: Four Head Overflow Filler and Benchtop Capper Combo
  • Exclusive Feature: Filler and capper installed on common slide tray for maximum efficiency
  • Utilities: P1 air diaphragm pump: 17cfm @ 80psi
  • Utilities: P2 air diaphragm pump: 30cfm @ 80psi (for viscous materials use P2 pump)
Download the FOFSEMI BT Semiauto brochure

What does this machine do?

A four head overflow filler with pneumatic hand operated filling controls fills a wide range of viscosities, from water to medium viscosity oils and soaps. Overflow configuration is particularly adept in handling very foamy products. This unit is intrinsically safe for hazardous materials as there is no electrical system.

  • Lowest cost choice with higher output, however it is not upgradeable
  • Both hands are required for operation of the filling machine as well as bottle handling
  • Filling sequence is controlled entirely by the operator
  • Small footprint (floor space) required
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