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Front and Back Inline Filling Systems

Machine Features

  • Labeler speed: up to 100 cpm depending on container and label sizes
  • Label size range: 1/2″ to 6″ wide, 10″ maximum length for round containers
  • Label roll specification: die cut labels with 1/8″ spacing on a 12″ outer diameter roll (max) with a 3″ inner core
  • Digital control panel uses an operator interface separate from the password protected set-up menu for operator simplicity and production security
  • Conveniently located Multi Axis label adjustment handwheels for ease of labeler positioning
  • 6″ x 12′ long variable speed integrated conveyor
  • Synchronous overhead hold down belt
  • Synchronous product positioning device
  • Two model SL1000 stepper drive label applicators
  • Secondary label wipe-down stations
  • Photoelectric product sensors
  • 2″ or 4″ wide x 15″ long label wrapping station (for labels up to 10″ long)
  • Heavy duty system framework (epoxy painted)
  • NEMA 12 control panel
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What does this machine do?

Automatic labeling machine puts spot labels on the front and back sides of round, square, rectangular or oval containers. Unit will also do a full wrap on round containers as well. Exclusive Feature: ability to integrate labeler control with all IFS upstream operations. If the labeler detects a backup or out-of-labels condition, the entire line will be suspended to avoid pileups and spills often associated with less-intelligent labelers.

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