Product Testing



Applications knowledge is everything in this business. There are two reasons why Inline Filling Systems can afford to provide a performance guarantee unmatched by any other manufacturer in our industry. One reason is 20 years of applications experience with continuity of the same technical personnel at our company. Lessons learned the “hard way” decades ago are not lost to our company nor are they forgotten by our staff that struggled through them. This means that no customer is ever our test crucible; we have most likely accomplished your application before….and have mastered it.

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The other reason is our product testing ability. Sometimes there is no substitute for empirical testing. We have designed and built lab test units that can reproduce the function of every filling and capping technology we offer. If you have a liquid product we have not seen before or a challenging closure and container application that requires special evaluation, we can determine exactly how our machines will function on these products in advance of taking your order. If you require or expect a certain level of contractual performance in this regard, we will make our proposal to you subject to the performance profiles we have tested to in our lab. These performance profiles are then specifically stated in the “Scope of Project” definition of our proposal and part of our unconditional guarantee.


Some of the performance parameters we test to on liquid products include cosmetic fill height variation, accuracy by volume or weight, viscosity/bulk density stability, cleanliness of the container and production speed.


Some of the performance characteristics we test to on closures include application repeatability, application torque repeatability, removal torque repeatability and production speed.


When you entrust your packaging operation to Inline Filling Systems, our product testing and long experience in the industry will ensure that we meet the production demands your require of your business model. Your livelihood and your career is never taken for granted at Inline Filling Systems.