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Automatic Cap Tighteners Machines

Automatic Cap Tighteners Filling Machines

Automatic cap tightener machines are a type of equipment used in various industries to tighten caps on bottles, jars, and containers. These machines are designed to quickly and efficiently screw on caps to ensure they are secure and tight.
The machines use a variety of technologies to achieve their goal, such as torque sensors, adjustable clutches, and automatic height adjustment. They can handle caps of different sizes, shapes, and materials, making them suitable for use in a wide range of applications.
Some common industries that use automatic cap tightener machines include food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and household products. These machines can help increase productivity and accuracy while reducing the risk of injury and fatigue for workers.
Overall, automatic cap tightener machines are an important investment for companies that want to streamline their production processes and ensure their products are properly sealed and packaged.

  • Automatic chuck cap tightener torques threaded caps to proper tightness at rates up to 30 CPM.
  • Operator only places cap onto or into container; the machine automatically handles the container and torque action.
  • An inline gating system with few to no change parts is used on this version. The inline style gate container handling is usually reserved for larger, stable and oftentimes rectangular containers.
  • Pneumatic version torquer can provide 13-75 inch pounds of torque. These units are available in singe head and two head versions.


  • Automatic Air Chuck- Inline
  • Automatic Air Chuck-Starwheel
  • Automatic Air Chuck- Electric Inline
  • Automatic Inline Cap Tightener
  • Automatic Inline Electric Chuck
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