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Laser Coder


The Videojet Focus S10 series laser coder delivers affordable, steered-beam laser coding to a wide variety of applications. This laser printer offers clean, permanent, superior quality codes on a variety of materials. The laser coding system is compact and rugged for reliability in a wide variety of production environments.

Labeler Coders


Hot stamp coder allows for production, expiration date and other information to be printed on labels as they are applied to the container. The hot stamp coder uses a heated imprint plate and brass typeset characters to immediately transfer and dry ink onto the labels. This simple device uses no liquid inks or solvents and is extremely reliable.

Inkjet Coders


Non-contact printer for small character coding of containers and bottles. The inkjet coder prints up to 3 lines of text, bar codes and logos from 2 to 10mm high at speeds up to 800 fpm. Capable of multinational character printing, serial codes, current/expiration time, date coding and shift coding in red or black ink.

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