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Product Type Drum Filling Machines

Bulk filling of drums, totes, and other 25+ gallon barrels


Drum Filling Machines

Used for bulk filling of 55-gallon drum filling, tote filling, and liquid filling of other palletized bulk sizes (i.e. 25-gallon barrels). It can be configured to fill either by weight, volumetrically, or a combination of both. It’s available in chemical duty or food grade construction. These drum filling systems are available in chemical duty construction and food grade construction in either top fill only or bottom up fill (subsurface) configurations. Top drum filling configurations are less expensive but limited to non-foaming bulk products. Bottom up drum filling configurations are very flexible systems capable of filling almost any bulk product within a wide range of foamy characteristics and viscosities.

Both top fill and bottom fill drum filling systems use an integrated scale and powered pallet roller conveyor. System operates with minimal operator involvement. Operator positions pallet, tote, or drums on the scale platform with a conveyor control switch. Operator then uses the nozzle balancing arm switch for manual (zero weight) positioning to drum, barrel, or tote opening. The operator then activates auto-fill and the nozzle opens and the pump fills to weight.

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