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Product Type Hazardous Location Filling Equipment

Made specifically for solvents, petroleum products, paints, etc. Any of our standard filling machines can be built to hazardous location standards.


Servo Pump Semi-Automatic Hazardous Location

  • Almost any viscosity liquid in almost any size and geometry container can be filled. Suitable for flammable solvents, paints & adhesives
  • Production needs < 3000 Containers/Day
  • Programmable PLC control built to Class 1 Division 1 Hazardous Location Electrical Standards.

Hazardous Location Turntables

  • National Electrical Code Class 1 Division 1 Group D modifications:
  • Hazardous location compliant motor,
  • Hazardous location compliant switches for start/stop/speed control,
  • Intrinsically safe, UL listed electrical panel with rigid piping to motor,
  • Rails include static charge eliminators.

FOF Manual Semiauto

This dual-head overflow filler typically uses an air diaphragm pump to provide semi-automatic operation. Fill is controlled by air switches and pump is regulated by the supplied controls. System provides consistent fill volume without complete operator attention

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