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Product Type Turntable Accumulators and Unscramblers

Turntables are used not only for empty and full bottle management in filling lines but also for accumulation of many types of products in a host of packaging and manufacturing systems


Stainless Turntables

Inline Filling Systems builds standard turntables and also custom turntables in many sizes and contact materials. Typical turntables sizes are 24″, 36″, 45″ and 60″ diameter. Turntable surface tops are offered in all grades of stainless steel, UHMW and other plastics, and molded plexiglass for parabolic shapes. Special corrosion proof turntables are offered in fiberglass and UHMW plastic construction.

Hazardous Location Turntables

  • National Electrical Code Class 1 Division 1 Group D modifications:
  • Hazardous location compliant motor,
  • Hazardous location compliant switches for start/stop/speed control,
  • Intrinsically safe, UL listed electrical panel with rigid piping to motor,
  • Rails include static charge eliminators.

Corrosion Resistant Turntable

  • All plastic and fiberglass construction for corrosive environments.
  • The standard speed setting is 0 to 7 rpm or 82.5 feet/min.
  • Variable speed, sealed, fused/surge protected DC motor w/ 550 inch/lbs torque.
  • Turntable glides on rubber wheels with bearings for quiet operation.
  • Turntable height is 35 inches adjustable to 40 inches.
  • Foot pads are fully articulating and vibration resistant.
  • Base is fully enclosed plastic.

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