Model Plugger V1 PT SW Automatic Single Head Vertical Starwheel - Inline Filling Systems

Automatic Vertical Plugger

What does this machine do?

The automatic plugger is designed to vertically place a fitment onto or a plug or stopper into the mouth of a container. These fitments and plugs typically cannot be applied to the container at angles associated with conventional snap capping machines or straight line capping machines. Moreover, the containers that these plugs and fitments are being applied to are typically quite small and require specific bottle handling change parts like timing screws and the starwheel shown.

Machine Features

  • Automatic Vertical Plugger
  • Single Head
  • Starwheel

What does it cost?

Our complete filling lines are custom designed to meet the specific features of your application and production needs. Contact our sales team today to get an accurate estimate for your project.

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