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Centrifugal Cap Sorter

What does this machine do?

Centrifugal Cap Sorter is used primarily for tall caps and caps with custom geometries. This machine orients caps with a spinning disk. Improperly oriented caps are air rejected back to the center of the disk for resorting. Properly oriented caps are transferred to an inclined cap chute and are carried to the capping machine pick-off.

Machine Features

  • Unit includes a dedicated disk and C-curve for each cap size
  • One attachment bolt for the disk and 3 hand tightened attachment knobs for the C-curve give operators no adjustment “plug and play” changeovers in minutes
  • Some very tall caps require an additional powered belt and hook assembly for orientation prior to the cap chute
  • Separate frame and includes all controls for operation
  • Sorter is constructed with an aluminum frame and uses stainless steel and plastic contact parts

What does it cost?

Our complete filling lines are custom designed to meet the specific features of your application and production needs. Contact our sales team today to get an accurate estimate for your project.

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