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FOFSEMI NT UG Upgradable Semiauto

What does this machine do?

This filler is constructed of stainless steel and SS shrouded aluminum components for washdown capability. The filler frame is fully enclosed with stainless steel panels and gasketed access door. 

  • Semi Automatic machine is upgraded to fully automatic operation
  • Bottle management and filling sequence is electronically controlled entirely by the filling machine
  • Economy priced fully automatic machine with excellent output but limited ability to expand capacity in the future

Machine Features

  • LCD control panel with PLC stores up to 20 filling cycle setup parameters for recall
  • No tools required nozzle mounts and multi axis bottle indexing gates for positive container control
  • Batch bottle counter records number of filling cycles completed
  • Automatic drip tray included as standard to protect bottles from nozzle product dripping
  • Automatic conveyor mounted bottle indexing gates to control container movement
  • Precision manual bottle height adjustment
  • No bottle, No Fill (suspend operation)

What does it cost?

Our complete filling lines are custom designed to meet the specific features of your application and production needs. Contact our sales team today to get an accurate estimate for your project.

What parts do you need?

Pump Types

Pumps are the heart of the filling machine, so it’s imperative that you have a quality pump for your application. Our experiences applications engineers will recommend the best pump to fit your range of products and production rate.

    centrifugal pump 1 - Inline Filling Systems

    Centrifugal Pump

    Non-foaming thin liquids – typically used for water and juices
    diaphragm pump 1 - Inline Filling Systems

    Air Diaphragm Pump

    Chemical applications with a wide range of viscosities
    lobe pump 1 - Inline Filling Systems

    Lobe Pump

    Sanitary/Hot Fill applications with a wide range of viscosities
    impellor pump 1 - Inline Filling Systems

    Impellor Pump

    Thin or viscous chemical or sanitary up to 175 Deg F

Nozzle Types

Overflow filling nozzles are available in a wide selection of design, sizes and construction materials based on the specific application. Our applications engineer will specify the best nozzle for your range of products.

    316L SS 1 - Inline Filling Systems

    316L SS Nozzle

    Chemical Duty
    316L SS sanitary - Inline Filling Systems

    316L SS Sanitary

    Sanitary Triclamp
    PVC - Inline Filling Systems

    PVC Nozzle

    Corrosive Duty
    Teflon - Inline Filling Systems

    Teflon Nozzle

    Solvent Duty
    Titanium - Inline Filling Systems

    Titanium Nozzle

    Bleach Duty
    Vacuum Breaker - Inline Filling Systems

    Vacuum Breaker Nozzle

    For Glass Bottles
    Briner Nozzle - Inline Filling Systems

    Briner Nozzle

    For Glass Jars
    Pour Top Nozzle - Inline Filling Systems

    Pour Top Nozzle

    For Detergent Bottles

Surge Tank Options

A surge (overflow) tank is necessary for normal operation of the overflow filling machine. However, in many low volume operations, it is possible to fill direct from drums or by using inexpensive plastic containers that comply with the maximum height restriction of 36″ distance from floor.

    Standard SS - Inline Filling Systems

    Standard SS Tank

    Tank with integrated bulk supply controls
    Direct from Drum - Inline Filling Systems

    Direct from Drum

    Standard drums with height range up to 36″
    Cone Bottom Poly P - Inline Filling Systems

    Cone Bottom Poly-P

    Polypropelene for sanitary bio/pharma applications
    Sanitary SS Jacketed - Inline Filling Systems

    Sanitary SS Jacketed

    Tank for sanitary hot fill applications

Additional Custom Options

We can provide custom engineered solutions on every filler platform we manufacture.

    remote control panel - Inline Filling Systems

    Remote Control

    NEMA 4X (washdown) panel for economical Class 1 Div 1 filling
    Tri clamp Fluid Path - Inline Filling Systems

    Tri-clamp Fluid Path

    Quick cleaning & changeovers in sanitary applications.
    Hazardous Location - Inline Filling Systems

    Hazardous Location

    Air operated controls for solvents & volatile liquids more information
    custom engineering - Inline Filling Systems

    Custom Engineering

    Special overflow packaging solutions, such as a Box Filler
    Nitrogen Gas Flush Option - Inline Filling Systems

    Nitrogen Gas Flush Option

    Nitrogen gas diving nozzles can be installed on the same filling machine for an economical solution to gas dosing requirements.
    Plexiglass Nitrogen Tunnel - Inline Filling Systems

    Plexiglass Nitrogen Tunnel

    Custom constructed for any length required to contain the integrity of the gas flush while conveying the product to capping station.

Machine Specifications

Exclusive Feature
Built-in Capacity Expandability: Modular components allow the operator to expand capacity in the field without a service call. The system can be expanded from 4 to 16 filling heads. Manifolds built to 3A sanitary standards for cleanability.
Exclusive Feature
Multistage filling: As part of each product’s filling profile, the filler’s powerful PLC can be programmed to run the pump’s filling cycle in 3 sequential stages: slower initial stage to reduce foam creation, faster second stage for a speedier fill, and dwell final stage (pump off) to allow container depressurization and circulation of foam back to the product or surge tank.
Space Requirements
Dimensions: 2′ L X 2′ W X 7’6″ H (60cm X 60cm X 225cm H)
Air: 6cfm @ 80psi Electrics: 110V 1p to 220 2p 50/60 Hz
(Other electrics available on request at additional cost)

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