Ionized Air Rinsers

Ionized Air Rinsers

What does this machine do?

This unit is used to clean glass and plastic containers that may have dust or other contaminates that have settled during shipment from the container supplier. The ionized air rinser is almost always used in beverage filling applications as well as most food and pharmaceutical operations. Containers are automatically indexed beneath an air nozzle that has both an ionized air-jet and vacuum source. The bottle is first given a multiple burst of HEPA filtered ionized air to loosen any particles from the wall of the container. A vacuum sequence follows which removes particulates into a self contained filter unit.

Machine Features

  • Constructed of stainless steel and SS shrouded aluminum components for washdown capability
  • Filler frame is fully enclosed with stainless steel panels and gasketed access door
  • LCD control panel with PLC stores up to 50 filling cycle setup parameters for recall
  • Automatic conveyor mounted bottle indexing gates to control container movement
  • No tools required nozzle mounts and bottle indexing gates
  • Electric bottle height adjustment
  • Batch bottle counter records number of filling cycles completed
  • No bottle/No Fill (suspend operation)
  • Downstream Backup/No Fill (suspend operation)
  • Other available options: nitrogen (N2) purge

What does it cost?

Our complete filling lines are custom designed to meet the specific features of your application and production needs. Contact our sales team today to get an accurate estimate for your project.

Machine Specifications

Exclusive Feature
Nitrogen (N2) Purge
Space Requirements
Dimensions: 2′ L X 2′ W X 7’6″ H (60cm X 60cm X 225cm H)
Air: 6cfm @ 80psi Electrics: 110V 1p to 220 2p 50/60 Hz
(Other electrics available on request at additional cost)
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