Stretch Sleeve

What does this machine do?

These automatic applicators of LDPE stretch labels are primarily used for labeling containers of chemicals that would easily damage typical paper labels. Examples of this are labels often found on vinegar and bleach containers.

There are three machines available depending on their speed of application. See below for a list of available model types for the Stretch Sleeve labeler.

Machine Features

  • Three available model options
  • Automatic applicator

What does it cost?

Our complete filling lines are custom designed to meet the specific features of your application and production needs. Contact our sales team today to get an accurate estimate for your project.


Stretch sleeve models

    centrifugal pump 1

    Centrifugal Pump

    Non-foaming thin liquids – typically used for water and juices
    diaphragm pump 1

    Air Diaphragm Pump

    Chemical applications with a wide range of viscosities
    lobe pump 1

    Lobe Pump

    Sanitary/Hot Fill applications with a wide range of viscosities
    impellor pump 1

    Impellor Pump

    Thin or viscous chemical or sanitary up to 175 Deg F