Quick Start Guide to Liquid Nutraceuticals Home-Based Business

Quick Start Guide to Liquid Nutraceuticals Home-Based Business

Do you blend your own herbal and nutritional supplements? You are probably almost ready to spin that into a home-based business. It’s easier than you think.

Where and How To Set Up Your Production Line

If you have space, keeping the production initially in a workspace that you own or rent helps you retain control of all aspects. You will be able to manage the production schedule and inventories, and you’ll be better situated to test and move new formulas into production.

If you have time and can devote it to your business, you may be better off overseeing production first hand. If the product line is not selling well enough yet for you to give up your other sources of income (e.g., your full-time job), you will be better off contracting with a food or supplement manufacturer.

If you will be able to maintain levels of hygiene and product quality, in addition to having sufficient space and time, it will be a good investment to buy all, or most of, the equipment yourself.

Outsourcing Production

If you just need help, don’t be discouraged. Contracting with an established manufacturer, might be your best option to start with. You will have added costs initially, which means less profit. But you might be able to keep your day job until sales are healthy and steady. You’ll have to relinquish some control, but that might be a good thing if you are new to the industry of nutraceuticals. Your product line will probably have less flexibility at first. A contracted manufacturer will be less able to cater to any whims you have.

Again, that may be a good thing. You won’t act impulsively and you may be able manage new product development and sales from your home, while the manufacturer handles the high volume production.

Buy Your Own Equipment

When you’re ready to set up a production line of your own, research the equipment manufacturers carefully. You would be wise to invest in the best-quality filling or capping machines that you can find. You don’t want to find yourself with hundreds of orders stacking up for your herbal supplements, and no way to fill the containers. Only buy from suppliers who have a proven track record and offer trustworthy service agreements.

Now that you have some idea of what to plan for, get started! Trust in yourself, and that your supplements will add value to other people’s lives!