Semi Automatic Piston Filling Machine

Standard Features:

Semi Automatic Piston Filling Machine

Model FPSEMI – BT Semiauto Piston Filler

  • All 316L stainless construction of fluid path components.
  • NEMA 4X enclosures for full washdown capability.
  • Footswitch operated; frees operator’s hands for other operations.
  • Interchangeable piston and nozzle sizes.
  • Electronic control of filler operation.
  • No tools required nozzle mounts.


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Exclusive Features



Upgradeable to Fully Automatic!!

Filler can be upgraded to fully automatic operation at any time in the future with no service call required! Semi automatic unit is already prewired and programmed for upgrade when you are ready!



Recoverable/Interchange-able Components

Because all the Modular piston sets and nozzle components are made by Inline Filling Systems and not imported from a third party, ALL of the components can be cost effectively retrofitted into higher level automation machines built by Inline. This feature is generally not feasible with cheap imported equipment that has no quality control between piston sets.


Programatic Control

Operator has complete control over all filler mechanical events to solve timing problems needed for difficult products.

Important Options Worth Your Consideration



Stainless Adjustable Height Stand on Casters

This HEAVY DUTY tubular stainless steel stand is custom made to support a heavy piston filling machine. Self leveling pads ensure a stable installation on uneven floors. Heavy duty casters allows the filler to be easily moved to any location.


Slide Tray Attachment

This precision made stainless slide tray aids in manual positioning of containers under the filling heads of semi automatic fillers. It is extremely important in the efficiency of a filling operation with a high labor component.


Other Available Options

Almost all peristaltic pump applications are highly specialized and require specific engineering know-how for a successful installation. Inline Filling Systems has many years of applications expertise to meet these requirements.


Hazardous Location

Hazardous Location, Electrical systems for solvents & volatile liquids.

Utilities and Space Requirements

Utilities: Air: 3cfm @ 80psi Electrics: 110V 1p to 220 2p 50/60 Hz

Dimensions: Base footprint: 24″ x 12″