Semi Automatic Servo Pump Filling Machine

Standard Features:

Semi Automatic Servo Pump Filling Machine

Model FPDSEMI – BT Semiauto Servo Pump Filler

  • Machine is constructed of stainless steel and stainless shrouded aluminum components where required for complete washdown capability.
  • Multi-Stage filling capability for profiling filling speed to the geometry of the container.
  • “User friendly” PLC control with 40 character visual display stores multiple product fill profiles for instant recall in plain English.
  • Positive shutoff nozzles for dripless operation.
  • Clean in Place capable with Clean Mode function in the operating system.
  • All pump, hopper, nozzle components are dairy tri-clamp construction for quick disassembly.
  • Will pass any FDA or USDA requirement. (Depending on pump selection.).

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Exclusive Features:




Filler can be upgraded to fully automatic operaton at any time in the future with no service call required!
(bottom-up fill control shown is an added cost option)




Master control unit will operate an additional slave unit for greater throughput performance!


Pump Selections

A wide variety of high quality pumps (the heart of the filling machine!) are available for your application. Your applications engineer will recommend the best pump for your range of products.

[one_fourth]FOF pump-centrifugal

SS Lobe
Sanitary/Hot Fill applications with a wide range of viscosities


[one_fourth]FOF pump-diaphragm

Sanitary SS Gear
Food & Cosmetic applications with low to medium viscosities.


[one_fourth]FOF pump-lobe

Chem Duty SS Gear
Chemical applications with low to medium viscosities.


[one_fourth_last]FOF pump-impellor

Rotary Diaphragm
Special applications including extreme abrasives.



Nozzle Tip Selections

Nozzle tips are available in a wide selection of design, sizes and construction materials based on the specific application. Those shown below are only a small sample of our designs. Your applications engineer will recommend the best nozzle for your range of products.

[one_fourth]FOF pump-centrifugal

Internal Shutoff

[/one_fourth][one_fourth]FOF pump-diaphragm

External Shutoff

[/one_fourth][one_fourth]FOF pump-lobe

Swaged Internal

[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]FOF pump-impellor




Tank Options

The Semi Automatic Servo PD Filler can draw from many sources including its own hopper, external sanitary hoppers or kettles, and direct from drum.


External Sanitary Hopper


Direct from Drum


Other Available Options

Inline Filling Systems has over a decade of applications and engineering experience. We can provide custom engineered solutions on every filler platform we manufacture.


Hazardous Location
Electrical systems for solvents & volatile liquids.


Fill to Weight
Dual volumetric & net weigh capability in the same machine.


Utilities and Space Requirements

Utilities:3 cfm @ 80 psi Electrics: 110V 1p to 220 2p 50/60 Hz
Dimensions:Dimensions: Base footprint: 24″ x 12″

Line Drawing