Shrink Bundlers

About Shrink Bundlers: Bundlers are used to wrap collated groups of bottles on a tray in shrinkable film. Individual trays arrive at bundlers inline infeed conveyor by hand with the long side leading. Trays then contact a film curtain, which loops the film over the products from front to back. A heat seal bar cuts and seals the film. The bundle then passes through a single fan heat tunnel which shrinks the polyethylene film tightly around the tray.

Production Speeds and Dimensions: The production rate depends upon the size and stability of the product, and the thickness of the film. The length (perpendicular to direction of travel) is often limited by the film specifications. The maximum height depends upon the SCARAB model shown in the standard features below:



  • SCARAB-IL-250: Product Ht. < 250mm (10″)
  • SCARAB-IL-350: Product Ht. < 342mm (13.5″)
  • Film specifications: The machine is designed for products that require 24″ wide film or less.
    For typical applications, the required amount of film can be determined by: Film Width = Length + 1/2 Height. Length is the transverse dimension or the dimension that is parallel to the seal bar.
  • Precise handling: Three phase inverters control the conveyor speed which enables the product to be stopped immediately after the seal bar, thereby reducing film usage.
  • Perfect tracking: The conveyor belts have two profiles, which ride through grooved rollers.
  • Low friction: Conveyor belts are supported by rollers versus high friction dead plates.
  • Easy film threading: The film supply is fed through an easy threading motorized dancer bar assembly which self regulates for low and high product profiles.
  • Option: 350mm high tunnel (SCARAB-IL-350)

Utilities:Electrical: 220, 380, 415, 440 or 575 volts – 3 phase, 50 or 60 hertz.
Air: 70 p.s.i. (5 bars)