Auto Chlor - Inline Filling Systems

Auto-Chlor Services, LLC

Auto-Chlor provides superior cleaning solutions to Restaurants, Bars, Hospitality, Laundry, and Healthcare operations. They manufacture a variety of chemical cleaning solutions for commercial cleaning, personal care, flooring, laundry, and more.

“Working with chemical solutions can be challenging,” said Eric Brodtmann, vice president of production and logistics at AutoChlor. “Inline Filling has incredible knowledge of how to manage volatile chemical compounds, regulations, and safety precautions. They partnered with us to ensure that our packaging equipment considers all of the complex requirements of cleaning solutions.”

Brodtmann worked with the team at Inline Filling Systems to create customized flling systems that meet the complex needs of their industry and chemical products. He noted that the team partnered with him to help educate him on industry regulations, chemical handling considerations, and safety precautions that would work best for their company. Having a manufacturing facility in Florida and a staff of people that are available to help whenever they have questions or need parts was critically important to Brodtmann.

Additionally, Inline Filling Systems’ engineers and customer service provide Auto-Clor with the equipment they need, designed for quality and safety.

Check out Inline Filling Systems in action at Auto-Chlor.

Auto-Chlor has purchased multiple pieces of equipment from Inline since 2007. They most recently purchased in 2019 Automatic Cappers for both their TX and LA locations.

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