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Devil’s River Whiskey

Devil’s River Whiskey makes a bold and unique whiskey with a distinctive flavor created from a pure limestone-filtered water source that feeds the Devil’s River. They make award-winning, bourbon, rye, and coffee bourbon whiskeys. They package their products in glass bottles of various sizes and chose Inline Filling Systems as their filling provider in 2008. Having done their homework in selecting a bottling system, they chose Inline Filling Systems for their excellent support and quality craftsmanship.

Mike Cameron, co-founder, and president said “I had a great experience with Inline Filling from the very beginning. They helped me understand all of the details I needed to think about in packaging whiskey so that I could maintain the flavor and quality of the beverages.”

As a new company, he relied on the IFS team for training and felt that they were a true partner in helping maintain the flavor that they intended once their whiskey was bottled and sold to consumers. They looked at more expensive equipment, machines made overseas, and even used equipment. But they chose Inline Filling Systems for their superior customer service, American-made engineering, and ability to partner with them to ensure success. Cameron visited the production facility to custom build machinery that would fit his needs and educate himself on how to package his products effectively and efficiently.

Check out how their machines work here

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