Transform Your Secret Recipe Into A Small Business

Transform Your Secret Recipe Into A Small Business

Have you heard of Sriracha sauce? It’s a really popular hot sauce that is great on so many foods. Several people have customized the basic recipe and are selling it all over the world.

Other People Have Done It Before You

Do you have a secret sauce or recipe that your friends and family beg you to make? It could be the next big thing. The original recipe for Sriracha sauce was created by a homemaker. Now major U.S. restaurant chains use Sriracha in their own recipes.

Consumers Prefer Homemade Recipes

People love homemade recipes. Marketing experts know that it doesn’t matter if it’s soup, soap, sauce, or salsa. Label it “homemade” and people will try it. The word is so much more appealing than “developed by chemists working for a corporation.” Many familiar and popular brands were started by one person who had one really good recipe they created at home.

New Ways to Market Your Product

Besides selling to local stores and restaurants, who will be surprisingly receptive if your approach is professional, you can market online and reach a huge audience. Offer different sized containers of your product. For example, a smaller “sampler” for new customers, and a larger “family-sized” version for your aficionados.

People really don’t mind spending a couple of dollars to try something new, and once they’ve tried it, chances are they will come back for more.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Don’t be afraid to get started! Locate a wholesale ingredients supplier and a packaging supplier. Research shipping methods and spend some time creating marketing materials.

Once you’re up and running, look towards the future. You’ll need to automate at some point; you can’t keep working out of your kitchen indefinitely. Look for a manufacturer that will tailor your purchase to your current and future needs. Be certain that the supplier will be able to quickly set up and service your equipment.

Avoid cheap, flimsy equipment; it will cause more problems than it solves. High-quality, modern equipment that fills bottles, caps, and labels your product will keep the goods flowing out the door and the revenue streaming in.